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Embassy Suspended Ceiling  installation is one of our specialties. Sometimes it looks easier on installation instructions than it actually is. Don't let lack of time, tools or skills to discourage you. Our experienced Embassy Ceiling Installers available 24/7 to help you with your project. Seat back, relax and let it happen!


Boulanger Embassy Suspended Ceiling System Installation

What is the Embassy Suspended Ceiling


Embassy ceiling is an ingenious suspended ceiling system ; a durable formula with a sleek design made to last. 

  • Allows a clearance of only 1-3/4"
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Stable rails and anchors system with adjustable height
  • Easy access to ducts, pipes and electrical cables
  • Durable and easy-to-clean laminated MDF
  • No visible nails or screws
  • Compatible with recessed lighting

Can Embassy Ceiling be installed as regular drop ceiling?

Embassy ceiling can not be installed as standard drop ceiling suspended  that is typically installed with  system of wires and t-bars. Unlike T-bar grid system Embassy Ceiling has to be mounted directly to hard surface/joists. 

Can you cut Embassy Ceiling panels and crossbars?

Yes. The components can be cut to allow installation around obstacles and also to center ceiling installation.  We recommend centering your ceiling for aesthetics only. The structure will not be affected if your ceiling is off-centre.  

Where can I purchase Embassy Ceiling materials?

Embassy Ceiling can be purchased at Boulanger, Costco, Rona, Home Depot and other retailers. We will be happy to help you with your new Embassy Ceiling Installation.

Acoustical properties

Embassy suspended ceilings have similar acoustic and soundproofing properties as gypsum. Embassy Ceiling Installation will improve sound quality inside the room. 

Humidity and Embassy Ceiling

 The recommended humidity level is between 45 and 55%. High humidity  levels can cause ceilings components to move. We recommend avoiding  fitting the panels too tightly along the walls. By leaving a gap between  the crossbars and the panel, there will be enough space to accommodate  for variations caused by moisture content fluctuations.

Embassy ceiling products can be installed in a bathroom. This material  is not completely waterproof but still has a good tolerance to moisture  when installed in damp rooms such as a bathroom, basement and / or  cottage.

IMPORTANT: Always leave the materials in the room in which they will be installed for 48 hours prior to installation. 

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